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As Part of the MBM Global expansion programme - We have branches opening across the UK and beyond

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  • 2018MBM expands
    The beginning of 2018 sees the expansion of MBM. New regional offices will be opening throughout the UK.
  • 2014MBM goes Mobile
    July/August sees the launch of our all-new website which has been developed to be 100% mobile-friendly. A functional MBM app is also in the planning...
  • 2001MBM moves house
    Anne & Phil move from Calliards Farm to Healey Dell Nature Reserve and start converting part of the old military buildings into offices. It's hard work... but the business is growing...
  • 1994MBM office
    The one-tiny-room on the top floor moves to two proper offices on the ground floor at International House on Drake St., Rochdale. Anne and Phil are in business for real.
  • 1992MBM starts booking
    Without an office, Phil starts to book more than just his own band (TFB) into a number of venues. It's music-only - a few bands and a few pubs, but it's a start.