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George Brooks

Cartoonist Caricaturist


George is a professional Cartoonist Caricaturist with over twenty Years Experience in the disciplines of Cartoon and Caricature Art, a member of the prestigious Cartoonist Club of Great Britain and an associate member of the American Network of Caricaturists.

His Clients include Barclays Bank, The Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Cars, McDonalds, Granada T.V, Nissan , J.V.C and Many more. A crowd puller at Trade shows and exhibitions and a unique interactive Marketing and Entertainment experience at that special event Corporate or Domestic.



The artiste will arrive at the pre-agreed time printed on the contract.



The start-time will be pre-agreed and printed on the contract.

The finish-time will be pre-agreed and printed on the contract. 


Only if pre-agreed and contracted. This is usually when the arrival time is afternoon and the finish time is late.

Very close-by parking must be provided by the hirer, which must be free of charge.

Payment terms are different for each engagement. They are pre-agreed and contracted at time of booking. 


If you do not have a credit history with us you may be required to pay the artiste's fee in full or in part on making the booking.

You will be informed of any cancellation terms upon booking. These will be printed on the contract. 


Greater Manchester

Any destination in the UK.


Yes. Available from 12 noon to 12 midnight. 


Minimum 2m wide x 2m deep.