Duos, Trios and Bands

Duos, Trios & Bands

Some of the very finest and fabulously talented duos, trios and bands in the UK today.

Real Class
<h5>Real Class</h5>

Real Class Function Band.... perfectly tailored for the classier gigs - and especially for the 40+ audience. All genres of music are covered from the last 6 decades.


Fat Sam's Band
<h5>Fat Sam's Band<h5>

The Requesters
<h5>The Requesters<h5>

The Requesters - not only can the audience request a song or two - they can sing it with the live band!!


<h5>The TFB<h5>

‘TFB’ also known as ‘Doktor Phil & The Medicine Men’ – are three guys who have played music together for a massive amount of years. All three are masters of their instrument/s and described by their peers as World-Class.


One Stop Boogie
<h5>One Stop Boogie<h5>

Mr Moo & His New Shoes
<h5>Mr Moo & His New Shoes<h5>

One Night Stand
<h5>One Night Stand<h5>


3 fantastic singers in their own right have come together to make one awesome group. A triple talent treat. We give you 'Trilogy'


Girl V Boy
<h5>Girl V Boy<h5>

Elliott Sixties Band
<h5>Elliott Sixties Band<h5>

Superb Sixties Band featuring musicians and singers from Herman's Hermits, Swinging Blue Jeans and Alvin Stardust. The real deal!


Midnight Soul Sisters
<h5>Midnight Soul Sisters<h5>


Technique - Soul Band. Seven incredibly talented afficionados of real Soul & Motown music. Every soul hit you've ever heard is in their repertoire.


The Armadillos
<h5>The Armadillos<h5>


Cover Notes
<h5>Cover Notes<h5>

80's Loveshack
<h5>80's Loveshack<h5>


Magic of Soul
<h5>Magic of Soul<h5>

The Jilted Johns
<h5>The Jilted Johns<h5>

Different, edgy, off-the-wall, inspiring, a breath of fresh air.... All clients' descriptions of this fabulous new duo playing an eclectic mix of 'not the usual' duo material!


Some of the very finest and fabulously talented duos, trios and bands in the UK today. They have graced stages all over the world at all types of venues. These artistes have been chosen not only for their performances, but for their reliability, their stamina, their dress-code, their good manners, their ability to stay focused – even in stressful situations, their ability to smile and to be nice with people. All of these factors are so important and are very often overlooked – especially when people are choosing ‘unknown quantities’ on the internet. Well, these bands are not ‘unknown quantities’. Many of them have been under the personal management of our company, MBM, for many years – sometimes for two decades! We know them for being terrific artistes – and we know them for being terrific, nice, reliable people. When you get a duo, trio or a band from MBM – you get one that has been chosen using our strict selection policy and our twenty five years of good business sense! Just for the record… if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, give us a call. We have access to thousands more bands in all genres based in the UK including real topline bands.