Some of the very finest singers from around the UK. Click on 'more' below any of the singers' images to view their own page and view image, info and video.

Edwin Dukes
<h5>Edwin Dukes</h5>

The King of Soul & Motown



The UK's number one Soul, Motown and Reggae artist


Danny Dearden
<h5>Danny Dearden</h5>

Danny is regarded as one of the best young male singers in the UK


Danni B
<h5>Danni B</h5>

Danni is a confident creative and diverse performer.


Lee Brady
<h5>Lee Brady</h5>

A superb vocalist - actually a man of many voices and talents, Lee is perfectly capable of creating a show for any occasion.


Aaron Welby
<h5>Aaron Welby</h5>

Aaron is the perfect choice for discerning clients who are looking for that something very special for their event


Carl David
<h5>Carl David</h5>

Carl is a full time professional artist who is able to take work in the UK and abroad.



Gizell is in constant demand for clubs, cabaret venues, weddings and private parties.


Michelle Lee
<h5>Michelle Lee</h5>

A stunning and versatile female vocalist with a massive repertoire.


Ooh That Girl!
<h5>Ooh That Girl!</h5>

This Dazzling show oozes the style, glamour and elegance of the decadent 1920's America.


Stefan Paul
<h5>Stefan Paul</h5>

David Marshall
<h5>David Marshall</h5>

From mellow romantic background music to rousing parting atmosphere David can provide the perfect music for any occasion.


Hayley Russell
<h5>Hayley Russell</h5>

Hayley Russell is the little lady with big voice and a cheeky charm to match.


All That Jazz
<h5>All That Jazz</h5>

Jason Flint
<h5>Jason Flint</h5>


A true soul star


Carly Emma
<h5>Carly Emma</h5>

Jackson Cadman
<h5>Jackson Cadman</h5>

Ian Craig
<h5>Ian Craig</h5>

Karl Johnson
<h5>Karl Johnson</h5>

Dom Collins
<h5>Dom Collins</h5>

Charlie Mack
<h5>Charlie Mack</h5>



Cliff Jenkinson
<h5>Cliff Jenkinson</h5>


Lauren Faye Moss
<h5>Lauren Faye Moss</h5>

Chris Leonard
<h5>Chris Leonard</h5>

Hayley Ria
<h5>Hayley Ria</h5>

Worldwide International Touring Artiste. An incredible vocal star... She is a real professional who takes the time to work on her show every day.


Jocelyn Knight
<h5>Jocelyn Knight</h5>

Jocelyn is ideal for Soul and Motown themed evenings and events where class and sophistication is required.


Rat Pack Show
<h5>Rat Pack Show</h5>

Male Swing & Rat Pack Singer available for Weddings, Functions & Events across the UK.


Hefin Roberts
<h5>Hefin Roberts</h5>

Tom Morrison
<h5>Tom Morrison</h5>

Oliver Michaels
<h5>Oliver Michaels</h5>

Some of the very finest and fabulously talented singing stars in the UK today. They have graced stages all over the world at all types of venues. These singers have been chosen not only for their performances, but for their reliability, their stamina, their dress-code, their good manners, their ability to stay focused – even in stressful situations, their ability to smile and to be nice with people. All of these factors are so important and are very often overlooked – especially when people are choosing ‘unknown quantities’ on the internet. Well, these singers are not ‘unknown quantities’. Many of them have been under the personal management of our company, MBM, for many years – sometimes for two decades! We know them for being terrific artistes – and we know them for being terrific, nice, reliable people. When you get a singer from MBM – you get a singer that has been chosen using our strict selection policy and our twenty five years of good business sense! Just for the record… if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, give us a call. We have access to over 4,000 singers in all genres based in the UK including real stars & celebrities.