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Ben Thompson

Modern Vocalist/Guitarist

About Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is a talented young musician/singer and has been performing professionally for over ten years. Now working solo, Ben has also had the experience of working in several bands in the North West. Although a performing musician at heart, Ben is also a prolific music producer/engineer where he can use his extensive experience in the technical side of the industry and has produced high quality sound and visuals.

Ben can cover an eclectic mix of music to suit any venue and occasion. He covers music from the 50’s and 60s, Rock’n’ Roll, Soul, Swing, Contemporary Pop, Rock, and Indie. One of Ben’s favourite styles is his stripped down acoustic guitar arrangements which is ideal for restaurants, lounge bars, weddings and private functions.

Many will remember Ben from his performance as barmaid Michelle Connor’s son Ryan Connor in Coronation Street. Ben was in the programme for over four years before leaving the show to pursue a full-time career in his first love – music.

Ben can be booked for any type of venue or event and his versatility and natural good looks and charm make him an ideal choice.

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Ben Thompson PLAYLIST:

  • The Script
  • Bruno Mars
  • Kings Of Leon
  • Michael Buble
  • The Temptations
  • John Legend
  • Coldplay
  • Take That
  • One Republic
  • Lionel Richie
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Michael Jackson
  • And Many More

Ben Thompson FAQ:

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The start-time will be pre-agreed and printed on the contract.

The finish-time will be pre-agreed and printed on the contract. 


A secure, private room where the artiste can change and store costumes is required. 


Only if pre-agreed and contracted. This is usually when the arrival time is afternoon and the finish time is late.

Very close-by parking must be provided by the hirer, which must be free of charge.

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Yes, but the artiste reserves the right to cancel the performance should the sound-limiting device be set at an unreasonably low level. In such cases, full payment would still be required. 


Allow 1hr. assuming that entry and access to the stage area is straightforward. 


Allow 30mins. assuming that entry and access to the stage area is straightforward. 

Allow 1hr. assuming that entry and access from the stage to the loading area is straightforward. 

Greater Manchester

Any destination in the UK and Europe subject to any distance travel and accommodation being suitably funded by the hirer. 


Yes. Available from 12 noon to 12 midnight. 


Minimum 3m wide x 2m deep.