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Rory Jackson

Michael Jackson Tribute Act

About Rory Jackson

Rory J Jackson is a professional Michael Jackson tribute artist, dancer, singer, look-a-like and impersonator. Ranked as the Worlds Greatest Michael Jackson dancer! And also nick named as The Dancing Machine!! and he truly lives up to this name! Rory J can perform his Michael Jackson tribute show anywhere in the UK and Worldwide. He can perform to perfection in any type of venue that can accommodate a tribute act or band.

Rory J specializes mainly in the BAD Era of Michael Jackson’s persona and career from 1988 to the early 90’s but he can and will sing and perform any Michael Jackson song you can name! The show is professionally produced and includes several costume changes throughout. Thousands of pounds have been spent on the production of this incredible show and Rory J’s costumes are exact replicas of MJ’s legendary stage wear. All backing tracks are re-recorded exclusively and of the highest quality.

Rory J is the same height, build and weight as Michael Jackson standing at 5ft 9 inch with real hair, eye brows and hairline and indeed a real natural haircut which is permed to precision and maintained in the BAD Era hairstyle. It is genuinely 100% his own hair! No extensions or hair pieces are needed which makes Rory’s hairstyle the closest to Michael Jackson’s head of hair and giving him the perfect look-a-like appearance. Rory has MJ’s magical and charismatic stage presence and will make you feel like the man himself is right there dancing in the flesh before your very eyes!

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Rory Jackson PLAYLIST:

  • Billie Jean
  • Beat It
  • Thriller
  • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Bad
  • Earth Song
  • Man In The Mirror
  • You Are Not Alone
  • The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Rock With You
  • And Many More

Rory Jackson FAQ:

2 x 45 minutes sets or  1hr 15 minutes by prior agreement

The artiste will arrive at the pre-agreed time printed on the contract.



The start-time will be pre-agreed and printed on the contract.

The finish-time will be pre-agreed and printed on the contract. 


A secure, private room where the artiste can change and store costumes is required. 


Only if pre-agreed and contracted. This is usually when the arrival time is afternoon and the finish time is late.

Very close-by parking must be provided by the hirer, which must be free of charge.

Payment terms are different for each engagement. They are pre-agreed and contracted at time of booking. 


If you do not have a credit history with us you may be required to pay the artiste's fee in full or in part on making the booking.

You will be informed of any cancellation terms upon booking. These will be printed on the contract. 


Only if pre-arranged at the time of booking. 


Yes, but it must be stressed that the artiste is not a DJ and cannot take requests etc. 


Yes, but the artiste reserves the right to cancel the performance should the sound-limiting device be set at an unreasonably low level. In such cases, full payment would still be required. 


Allow 1hr. assuming that entry and access to the stage area is straightforward. 


Allow 30mins. assuming that entry and access to the stage area is straightforward. 

Allow 1hr. assuming that entry and access from the stage to the loading area is straightforward. 

Any destination in the UK and Europe subject to any distance travel and accommodation being suitably funded by the hirer. 


Yes. Available from 12 noon to 12 midnight. 


Minimum 5m wide x 3m deep.