Rory J as Michael Jackson - The Dance Machine

About Rory J as Michael Jackson - The Dance Machine

Rory J Jackson is a professional Michael Jackson tribute artist, dancer, singer, look-a-like and impersonator. Ranked as the Worlds Greatest Michael Jackson dancer! And also nick named as The Dancing Machine!! and he truly lives up to this name! Rory J can perform his Michael Jackson tribute show anywhere in the UK and Worldwide. He can perform to perfection in any type of venue that can accommodate a tribute act or band.

  • Performance: 2x45 minutes or 1 hour
  • Backing: Tracks or Live Band
  • Sound Engineer
  • Lights
  • Complimentary DJ
  • Area: UK and Worldwide


Billie Jean
Beat It
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Smooth Criminal
Earth Song
Man In The Mirror
You Are Not Alone
The Way You Make Me Feel
Rock With You
And Many More

The show is 2 x 45 minute sets in length and is full of non stop jaw dropping action, costume changes, dance moves and all the famous routines from the undisputed King of Pop.

Rory J specializes mainly in the BAD Era of Michael Jackson’s persona and career from 1988 to the early 90’s but he can and will sing and perform any Michael Jackson song you can name! The show is professionally produced and includes several costume changes throughout. Thousands of pounds have been spent on the production of this incredible show and Rory J’s costumes are exact replicas of MJ’s legendary stage wear. All backing tracks are re-recorded exclusively and of the highest quality.

Rory J is the same height, build and weight as Michael Jackson standing at 5ft 9 inch with real hair, eye brows and hairline and indeed a real natural haircut which is permed to precision and maintained in the BAD Era hairstyle. It is genuinely 100% his own hair! No extensions or hair pieces are needed which makes Rory’s hairstyle the closest to Michael Jackson’s head of hair and giving him the perfect look-a-like appearance. Rory has MJ’s magical and charismatic stage presence and will make you feel like the man himself is right there dancing in the flesh before your very eyes!

The best dancing feature of Rory J that separates him from any other Michael Jackson Tribute is his unique MJ ‘Spins’

Not only can Rory execute his spins true to the man himself, he can spin from 5 to sometimes over 10 rotations at a time with very little effort before finishing gracefully on MJ’s trademark pose the ‘Toe Stand’ or landing on both knees, which is a real ‘Must See’ for all Michael Jackson fans.

Rory J’s energy and passion on stage is overwhelming and his athletic dancing skill speaks for itself. Anyone who has ever witnessed Rory J in action has rated Rory as a dancer above the rest. Rory is a 110% natural at impersonating Michael Jackson and his singing and dancing abilities totally define the words skill and stamina. So if you would love to see MJ’s moonwalking magic to the max, Rory J is the man to watch.

The show is suitable for hotel tribute nights, festivals, casinos, golf clubs, live music venues, corporate events, private parties and weddings. Rory J is able to travel worldwide.

The show is also available with Rory’s live band of world class musicians and dancers for bigger venues and occasions. Excellent high quality PA and lighting including effects (please check with the venue if pyros can be used).

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