Picture the scene: you’ve had a fabulous night out and been wowed by the entertainment. They’d be perfect for your venue, but a little on the pricey side. Being the canny business person you are, you approach them with an offer they can’t refuse.

It’s simple: they do your venue without going through their agent. You’ll pay them a lower fee than they would normally ask, but it’s cash in hand and the amount is roughly what they’d get anyway after the agent’s commission and VAT had been deducted.

It’s a win-win situation, for everyone, right? You’ve advertised the artiste, sold tickets, maybe even got extra bar staff on as this fabulous night is bound to bring in the crowds.

You’re all set. You have a full house of happy people. The compere is doing all his best material and maybe even thrown a few songs in that charted post 1976.

One hour later. You have a house full of very unhappy people, you’re bored staff have resorted to throwing beer mats at each other to keep themselves entertained and your desperate compere has just finished a Max Bygraves medley and is about to launch into his “Ooh Betty!” routine for the fourth time that night.

The act is a no-show. Their phone is turned off and you have no other way to contact them.  There could be a dozen reasons why they didn’t turn up. Even if they were standing on top of a blazing building saving bereft kittens from being barbecued, it doesn’t salvage your night, or your reputation.

This scenario may seem a little overly dramatic, but it’s a lot more common than you might imagine and, as you don’t have anything other than a promise, you have no recourse against the performer, even if you could get hold of them.

If you’d booked the act through an agent, you would have the security of a written binding contract, which all parties are legally bound to fulfil.

Life can throw some unexpected situations in our path though, meaning there may be a genuine reason that the artiste cannot make your gig; so what happens then?

The act contacts the agent to let them know they are unable to do the gig. If given enough notice, the agent will contact you and advise you in plenty of time, offering the choice of another act for that night and/or the scheduled act on a different night.

If the act does have an emergency situation and has to cancel at very short notice; the agent has a catalogue of other artistes who are close to the venue and can be with you at short notice.

After a lot of juggling and many, many phone calls, that agent will work hard to ensure your night will go ahead and you won’t be facing a room full of rampaging punters.

Booking your artistes through an agency such as MBM Music Business Management Ltd, guarantees peace of mind.

With over 25 years of experience, Anne and Phil (backed by their Dream-Team: Janine, Orry, Adam and Lindsay) work hard to ensure you are provided with professional performers who are carefully selected to deliver entertainment that is geared toward your venue and the demographic of your clientele.

From a fun night in the local pub, to a whole show for a Summer Season, you’re in safe hands with MBM.

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Lindsay McKinnon


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